We’re the Cotswold Property Collective, passionate professionals in the property industry, with many years of experience and expertise in our individual crafts.

The collective began organically when we found that a few of us seemed to be working together on the same projects and that the work ran exceptionally smoothly with us in the same team. We soon realised we had shared values of communication, integrity and authentic care for our client, we each put heart into our home work.

Once we found a level of trust it became natural to recommend one another to each of our clients whenever anybody was looking for a skill that the other offered. We have experts in all areas of property perfection, from an estate agent and mortgage advisor to joinery, garden design, interiors and architecture, we only partner with the best in the business and each member receives group approval before they are welcomed into our circle, quality is paramount.

We meet monthly to discuss new business and keep abreast of industry trends but be assured that we only recommend the right people for the project. There’s no back handers or business cards, no creaming or commission, just honest recommendations of property professionals you can trust.

We have done the legwork to ensure a home that you love. Our clients almost become part of the collective because we are happy to share all of our knowledge and our little black book of the finest property professionals. Welcome to the fold.